Thursday, 24 May 2012


Zoë and I have just been to our chiropractors (precision chiropractic). Their whole team took awesome care of us. We really do love that place.

The good news is that neither of us have lasting damage (I thought Zoë might have), we just have to rest up.

Here's the quick video we did with Ben Goffen when we ran past the clinic on our first day:

Monday, 21 May 2012

We're here :)

Finally some ice!

Last stop

I usually love a big mac and I thought the fat+protein combo would have been exactly what we wanted but weirdly we both really don't fancy a burger... It's on our way so we'll make due...

Looks like we really are going to be dragging ourselves over the finish line (9k away), my hamstring and Zoe's knee (we keep on repeating 'Ben will fix it') are more or less stopping us from running on anything but flats right now...

We've both got huge smiles though and are really happy with this trip. It's been awesome.

Knee: gone.

Here's us strapping up Zoë's knee. Again not too sure what we're doing but worst comes to worst we'll just take it off...

Hamstring: gone.

Zoë strapping up my hamstring which is more or less gone now. We don't really know why we're doing but it looks right...

Last day

Packing up ready to set out on our last day. I need a shave but more importantly the weather is awesome!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Evening 'surprise'

Just had a lovely meal with Zoë's dad, Cara and little Oliver (again, the surprise wasn't a surprise as Zoë figured it out).

Lunchtime 'surpise'

Zoe's mum Rachel, Bryn and Evan came to meet us in Newton. It was meant to be a surprise but apparently Zoe saw it coming...

End of day 4

We have just arrived at our stunning b&b. That's it for today. Easily my favourite leg of the trip, awesome views and a fair bit of flat.

Morning! - Day 4

Just has breakfast with Fred keeping us company! & we are on our way again.

Not feeling too bad considering

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Dear Ben (our excellent chiropractor)

May I (Vince) please put on order:

- 1 new right hamstring
- 2 new calves
- 1 new right inner quad
- 1 new groin
- 1 new right hip flexor thing that is connected from my hip bone to the rest of me leg
- 2 new knees
- 1 new spine (current one not causing any pain but I think that's because I'm more or less numb...)

May Zoë put on order:

- 2 new legs (complete with 2 new feet)
- 1 new lower back

Many thanks,

Vince and Zoë

Our first failure...

Zoë and I have realised that today's leg is a bit too much, we've just called a cab and are skipping the last 15km of today's 27 km stint. We're a bit too hurt to manage this one and had to make a call as we were about to leave the last town...

Hopefully we'll get a good rest tonight and be ready to finish it off tomorrow...

Still smiling :)

Our first engagement card.

From Cassie, Mark and Lefi.

Break on day 3

Here's a photo of Zoe, Cassie (Zoe's cousin), Mark and Lefi at lunch. Lovely stop and nice to have a relaxing break. My legs are in bits and Zoe and I have a very long stint this afternoon. We might be arriving after dark...

Bad signal in a great B&B!

Just leaving for day 3 after an awesome stay. Signal's not great but will try and update later.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Lunch day 2

So this morning was a very hard and long leg for us. Don't think I would have made it without Vince getting down on one knee and proposing :) well that and the thought of the lovely steakwich here at the Castle Inn in Llangorse!! I think this afternoons leg is quite long as well :( going to be a long day!! But at the same time I am VERY VERY happy :)

Zoe and I are engaged!

(this was the point of #jog2nog)

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Day 2

We're just having breakfast after one of the best nights sleep of my life! Apparently I tried to kick Zoë out of bed and she didn't have the best nights sleep but I was out cold!... (there happened to be 2 beds in our room so I'm not too sure what her problem was)

I'm feeling good(ish) and after some convincing (I dabbled in some muscle rub...) she's raring to go too!

Day one: done!

Zoe and I are just having a meal :) We got to Ebbw Vale, washed our stuff, stretched and complained about how stupid an idea this was...

Here are some pics which include Zoe pointing out where we're going tomorrow...

Be sure to check out my G+ stream as I'm posting a lot more there throughout the day (when we stop for breaks etc).

Caerphilly, Bedwas and our first lunch break...

Just finished our first leg. Feeling pretty good :) Had a good stretch and we're about to change in to recovery tights and some dry clothes. As you might be able to tell from the photos, the weather has been awesome!

Precision Chiropractic

Here with Ben who fixed Zoe and I (two years ago we were unable to run at all). Best therapy I have ever had hands down.

Caerphilly mountain

Just before our first challenge...

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Saying goodbye...

(they're looking forward to seeing uncle Tom)

Last minute preparation - packing!

Last minute preparation - Maps!

Here are the little laminated map cards that Zoë has been putting together over the past few days. We also have the maps saved to our phones but these should be great!

Tomorrow is D-day!!

Tomorrow is D-day!!

Well this is it (almost), tomorrow is the day we start our Jog to Nog!! I think we are more or less sorted. Bags are packed! Just need to have a good meal tonight and some decent sleep and we will be off!

Unfortunately we have not had the best preparation in the run up to this challenge. I have been ill since the 16th of April with a chest infection which then became pleurisy :( I finished my second round of antibiotics yesterday and today I feel normal for the first time in weeks! I have also been given an inhaler as I was getting bronchoconstriction every time I tried to go for a run. Since the 16th of April I have managed to complete one 5k run with mild bronchoconstriction, but not severe enough that I had to stop, it was just hard work! I also did the 5k Race for Life on Sunday with my Mam. I took the inhaler prior to this and had no problems :) So I am hoping that I will be ok for our epic run!

I think with the lack of training and illness this run is going to be much tougher than I anticipated, but luckily for me I am a fighter (and a very stubborn person!) and I intend to power through!!

Can’t wait to get going now and a massive thank you to all who have sponsored us and given us inspirational words :) 

In case you also wanted to donate here are the links to our just giving pages:

and our 'group' page 

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Clean clothes

Here's a pic of our clean clothes that we'll be reunited with in Gregynog...

(also packing a frisbee in case we're not tired enough)

Monday, 14 May 2012

Friday, 4 May 2012

Scouting the run

Last weekend Zoë and I drove from Cardiff to Gregynog to scout the run. The difficulty level decreased in Zoë's mind as she thought it was hillier then it is...

On the other hand, the difficulty level has definitely increased in my mind! I can't believe how hilly Wales is!!! This whole run is definitely not the smartest idea I've been involved in... Oh well...

Here are some photos from the route including some awesome wild (?) horses we saw in the National Park.

Zoë in the car looking at maps:

Zoë at our destination:

Zoë with these awesome "Steakwiches" that we'll be enjoying on day two of our run: