Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Tomorrow is D-day!!

Tomorrow is D-day!!

Well this is it (almost), tomorrow is the day we start our Jog to Nog!! I think we are more or less sorted. Bags are packed! Just need to have a good meal tonight and some decent sleep and we will be off!

Unfortunately we have not had the best preparation in the run up to this challenge. I have been ill since the 16th of April with a chest infection which then became pleurisy :( I finished my second round of antibiotics yesterday and today I feel normal for the first time in weeks! I have also been given an inhaler as I was getting bronchoconstriction every time I tried to go for a run. Since the 16th of April I have managed to complete one 5k run with mild bronchoconstriction, but not severe enough that I had to stop, it was just hard work! I also did the 5k Race for Life on Sunday with my Mam. I took the inhaler prior to this and had no problems :) So I am hoping that I will be ok for our epic run!

I think with the lack of training and illness this run is going to be much tougher than I anticipated, but luckily for me I am a fighter (and a very stubborn person!) and I intend to power through!!

Can’t wait to get going now and a massive thank you to all who have sponsored us and given us inspirational words :) 

In case you also wanted to donate here are the links to our just giving pages:

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