Friday, 4 May 2012

Scouting the run

Last weekend Zoë and I drove from Cardiff to Gregynog to scout the run. The difficulty level decreased in Zoë's mind as she thought it was hillier then it is...

On the other hand, the difficulty level has definitely increased in my mind! I can't believe how hilly Wales is!!! This whole run is definitely not the smartest idea I've been involved in... Oh well...

Here are some photos from the route including some awesome wild (?) horses we saw in the National Park.

Zoë in the car looking at maps:

Zoë at our destination:

Zoë with these awesome "Steakwiches" that we'll be enjoying on day two of our run:


  1. You two are one crazy pair! Vince looks way too happy to be with those cows :) lol. Looking good you guys!! Ben G

    1. Haha! "Crazy" <-> Stupid? Wouldn't be doing this without your help! Zoë was a bit too scared to go near those cows... ;)